Thursday, May 7, 2009

Forgot to blog while at the lab, again.  D'oh!

Today I plated millions of bacteria!!!

Three strains, KW20, recJ-, exoI- had previously been made competent in MIV starvation medium.  I gave them some MAP7 DNA to take up, diluted them, then plated them on novobiocin plates to select for transformants.

The second thing I did today was make DNA from dprA::kan cells (grown last night).  This required adding chemicals, extracting twice, adding more chemicals, then scooping out the glump (read: gluey clump) of chromosomal DNA.  Most exciting part was when I had to make phenol/chloroform (one of the added chemicals).  Looking into the shelves underneath the fumehood was like looking into ... a prison.  For chemicals.

I then took this DNA, gave it to competent KW20 cells, let them express the gene, then plated them.  Hopefully, results will show tomorrow.

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Rosie Redfield said...

" looking into ...a prison. For chemicals."

We lock them away for their own protection.