Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I regrew my RecJExoI-- double mutants from Friday, but got lawns (this is when there are so many bacteria on a plate that they form a film instead of separate colonies). So today I diluted them down further and plated them.

Yesterday I also transformed my four lovely strains (KW20, RecJ-, ExoI-, dprA-) with my favourite DNA (MAP7). This is the fifth time I've done this. Which is good, because now I am more confident in the techniques and I feel like I know what I'm doing at each step. I'd better not get complacent, though.

In first-year Chemistry labs, we don't get to do labs twice, so we never get to follow through with the "improvements" and "changes in procedure" that we suggest in our write-ups. I think this sort of hinders us from developing a scientific approach to things, since we only write what we would do if we could. Not too helpful. Doing my transformations multiple times has allowed me to try out those woulds. :D

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