Friday, May 22, 2009

My cells are growing nicely, even on the kan-tet plates this time! This means I'll have some double mutants (RecJExoI--) soon. Mucho grande excitement, si.

I learned about biological and technical replicates today. In a biological replicate, you do the same experiment on different samples of cells at different times. The point is that your experiment will give the same results in batches of cells that are slightly different, making your conclusion more valid.

In a technical replicate, you do the same experiment on one batch of cells many times. This checks your technique (ie. protocols, diluting, plating, etc). This type of replicate can help point out flaws in technique, but since you're only testing on the same sample of cells, your conclusion is not as solid as it would be if you'd tested lots of different batches.

Definitely feels like a Friday today. Even the med students downstairs are slacking off a bit. Tsk tsk.

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