Wednesday, May 27, 2009


OK, so I tried to make some more MIV-competent cells, but 2 strains refused to grow, 1 grew too fast, and only 1 grew just right. So the 3 strains I couldn't/wouldn't do... I will do tomorrow.

I also did a replicate of my transformations with MAP7 DNA (with the usual suspects: KW20, RecJ-, ExoI-, and dprA-). I only had one epp of MIV-competent KW20 left, so I defrosted it, transferred half the volume to a new epp, spun them both down, resuspended in half the usual volume of MIV, and added half the usual volume of DNA to one tube. Should work, right?

Thirdly, I took my plates of RecJExoI-- double mutants, picked off 4 colonies with sterile toothpicks, and dropped the toothpicks into sBHI with special guests Kan (kanamycin) and Tet (tetracycline).

Lastly, I am slowly becoming familiar with Excel (spreadsheets and graphs galore). Data analysis is a large part of science that is not really shown to the public eye. I mean, if someone asked me to imagine a scientist at work, I'd think of someone at the bench, in the lab coat (ironically, only about 5% of people here wear lab coats), swirling colourful flasks of chemicals. I probably wouldn't think about someone in front of a giant spreadsheet, analyzing numbers. Basically, research involves a lot of skills other than just lab work. (Writing! Oh my! The other Redfields do a lot of penning reviews or editing manuscripts or getting those grants in.)

No new chicken today; I'm pooped and going home. Ciao.

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