Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday, I finished making more MIV-competent cells. I also froze some of my RecJExoI-- mutants. I grew up a sample in LB just in case, and it didn't grow, so it was H.influenzae. I checked under the microscope, too.

The results from my most recent transformation shows that the RecJ- and ExoI- mutants do transform just as well as the wildtype. The dprA- mutants, however, don't. So I've confirmed what was published in the paper. I don't actually know which paper. Maybe I ought to read it.

I'm going to do some more replicates next week using my new MIV-competent cells. So this time they'll be both technical and biological replicates.

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Rosie Redfield said...

Yes, you should definitely read the paper!