Friday, July 3, 2009

Above is a diagram I found to explain my last post. By "blob" I mean droplet B and by "lake" I mean droplet C. SS's samples resemble high surface tension droplet B, but my PCR products look like droplet C, which has low surface tension.

I wondered if:

1) PCR samples that show up on gels have high surface tension and samples that do not show up on gels have low surface tension. ==> No correlation. Although the MAP7 DNA + ExoI primer that SS ran did not show up on the gel, it was still a B droplet type.

2) The heat of the thermocycler had changed the surface tension. ==> Considering that I ran the PCRs on two different machines (ours and the Thompsons'), and SS and I both ran the same cycle, doesn't seem likely.

It seems SS and I are using different ingredients! :0

I have been mixing the PCR ingredients together (but not actually running PCR), but I've only been able to get droplet Cs.

Tune in next week for developments!

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