Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finally made the four strains MIV-competent today.

I still think the overnight method is faster, though, because you don't have the additional step of growing cells to OD600=0.1, which takes an additional day.

I also ran another PCR today, and not even the Good Luck Crystal could help. What is the problem? I added all the ingredients (I even checked them off as I went) in the correct amounts, and the cycler was set properly...

I found an online PCR troubleshooting guide. Hypothesis A ("Pilot Error") and I ("Bad Karma") look especially promising. Will read the page and try again later.

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Rosie Redfield said...

What controls are you including in your PCR experiments? What do you learn from how they turned out? If you didn't learn anything from the controls you did, what other controls do you now wish you had done?