Friday, July 31, 2009

Grew up KW20, RecJ-, ExoI-, and RecJ-ExoI- cells in MIV to make them competent. Next week, I'll test the transformation frequencies of these strains.

I also counted colonies to determine the cfu/mL counts for the KW20, ExoI-, dprA-, ExoI-dprA- growth curves. I know this sounds trivial, but I get so happy when I check the incubator in the morning and the colonies look easy to count. By this I mean that they aren't bunched together on one side of the plate, they aren't only near the rim of the plate, there aren't too many bubbles in the agar, and that the colonies are nice and large (well, for Hin, anyways). Anyways, these plates were good to count.

Hm. More thinking will have to follow... but for now, happy long weekend! See you on Tuesday~

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