Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's growth curve with KW20, ExoI-, dprA-, and ExoI-dprA- turned out pretty well in terms of OD values.

Here's the first graph. It's the OD values taken every hour, plotted on a log scale.

I fit exponential trendlines to each of the plots. When an exponential graph is plotted on a log scale, it'll turn out as a straight line. The slope of the line shows the growth rate of the culture; the larger the slope, the faster the cells are growing.
It really does look like the dprA- strain lags behind in growth, or maybe it dies easily overnight. Or maybe both.

Tomorrow, I'll see how the cfus turn out.

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Rosie Redfield said...

When fitting exponential trendlines you need to be sure you're using only the part of the data where the cells are indeed growing exponentially. So I would definitely exclude the first two points for each strain, where either the cells are not yet doubling at a constant rate or the OD measurements are confounded by the dead cells in your starting culture.