Thursday, August 20, 2009

I mostly tried to recollect what I had been doing before I'd left.

-I was cloning Hi comM, ligA, and recBD genes using pTOPO and transforming into Ec.
I wasn't getting any plasmids out of the clones, though, and SS didn't get any either, AND we ran out of pTOPO, so this project's benched for now.

-I had done a transformation assay on KW20 str-R cells (using MAP7 DNA).

-I was going to test the transformation frequency of KW20 cells containing a spec-R cassette in the dprA gene.
If transformation frequency was low, this test would confirm that the KW20 cells were indeed unable to express the dprA gene.

-I was also going to retest the transformation frequency of my RecJ-ExoI- double mutants.
I need to do more replicates to check my previous results (they had differed significantly from what Kumar et al. had reported).

So I did the latter two today.

Also, good luck to anyone who applied for the Lab Assistant position! I'd say the job requires responsibility, ability to keep yourself on task, and probably some degree of neatness would help, too. :)

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